7 Most Popular Art Galleries in Brooklyn

Brooklyn in the vibrant heart of New York art. Here you will find some of the best art galleries in the state. Ranging from contemporary art to traditional art, photography, prints, sculpture, and collectibles. The top 7 art galleries in Brooklyn.

1. Cotton Candy Machine, 43 Porter Ave:

Offers an insane collection of prints and grotesque toys. Top-level staff. The Cotton Candy Machine is a sensational overload. You will find everything from books to gifts to t-shirts. The graffiti on the walls will bewitch you. A great place for inspiration and awesome art.

2. Cinders, 28 Marcy Ave:

This gallery is somewhat small but well organized. There is always a new show there, and the prices are reasonable. A friendly atmosphere with no pretense. If you are into comic art, you will love this place. The owners are super creative and quite helpful. I enjoy this gallery so much.

3. BWAC, 499 Van Brunt St:

I have been attending the art shows for five years; the studio is spacious with a welcoming attitude. I got an oil painting from there which was a true masterpiece. You also can find digital photography, acrylic, and sculptures. The prices fit every budget from the top dollar to student friendly. It’s a great place to learn and enjoy art. BWAC is Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition

4. Dumbo Arts Center, 111 Front St:

You will fall in love with this Arts Center. Spend your day exploring contemporary fantastic art. This is the place to go to see the latest artwork by local artists. It is a free experience, and the place is comfortable. Every exhibit they organize is a magical experience.

5. Gowanus Studio Space, 166 7th St:

Whatever you are looking for, you will find it in this open environment. Bring your art for submission or if you want to print it. This place does it all. You will find a helpful community waiting to greet you, and help you grow your artistic talent. You will also enjoy the wood shop there. A must visit if you are in the area.

6. Art by Boris Jairala:

Originally from Denver, Boris is a local artist, he paints and creates frames, while working for Credit Glory (720.575.1121) part-time. He is creative with his work and delivers high-quality products. He is super talented and kind. He created a unique piece of me which is hanging now in my living room. His art is full of life, and he is affordable. I recommend you check out his artwork and other projects. If you are looking to hire artists for your next painting, consider Boris.

7. Clover’s Fine Art Gallery, 338 Atlantic Ave:

This place is an oasis of law and order in the chaotic Boerum Hill, tucked between many restaurants and boutiques; this place stands out. I found Clover’s by mere chance when I was looking for a place to rent because I wanted to have a big birthday. This place did not disappoint. My birthday was fantastic under all the artwork by international artists. I absolutely enjoyed the gallery. The classical music was a huge plus too.